Frequently Asked Questions

Are products gluten free?

Yes, all ingredients in No Rinse products are gluten free.

How much No Rinse? Shampoo do I need?

Apply No Rinse? Shampoo until hair is completely wet. Massage into hair and thoroughly towel dry to remove as much moisture as possible.

How do I warm the No Rinse? Shampoo Cap in a microwave?

Open package to vent and leave cap in package.  Microwave for no more than 15 seconds. Be sure the shampoo cap is not excessively hot prior to placing on head. Never apply a hot shampoo cap.

Can No Rinse? Shampoo be used before and after a permanent?

Yes. With its balanced pH you will find it perfectly safe.  Because the shampoo is a liquid, wait until 2 days after a perm.

Will No Rinse? Shampoo take coloring out of the hair?

All shampoos do this to some degree. No Rinse? is pH balanced and color is affected much less than with many other shampoos. It’s very mild.

Hair is coarse or thin. Can I use the No Rinse? Shampoo?

Yes, No Rinse? Shampoo can be used on all hair types.

Can the hair be blow dried after using No Rinse? Shampoo?

Yes. First use a towel to remove as much moisture as possible. Then proceed to blow dry in a normal manner.

Can I use No Rinse? Shampoo twice?

Yes, if hair is especially dirty or oily.

How often can I use No Rinse? Shampoo?

No Rinse? Shampoo can be used everyday, if needed. Many people have used No Rinse? Shampoo for a lifetime.

Can No Rinse? Shampoo be warmed?

Yes. Place the bottle in a basin of warm water. Test prior to use.

Can No Rinse? Shampoo and No Rinse? Body Bath be used on a baby?

Yes. No Rinse? cleanses beautifully and is gentle on the skin.

What do I do if No Rinse? gets into my eyes?

Rinse eyes with water should contact occur.

Can No Rinse? Shampoo be used on my dog or cat?

Yes, simply follow the directions of use as noted for humans.  Since the shampoo is not tearless, be careful when using around the facial area.

What is the difference between Body Bath and Body Wash?

The No Rinse? Body Bath is concentrated (mix 1 oz with 32 oz of water).  The No Rinse? Body Wash is ready to use right out of the bottle.